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The 24-Hour Resume Makeover

Did you know the average recruiter spends less than 10 seconds scanning a resume?  

Make sure your resume makes it to the "yes" pile with our professionally designed resume templates, step-by-step instructions, & downloadable resources filled with interactive & guided exercises that will improve your resume in just 24 hours. 

$197 $137

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The 24-Hour Resume Makeover
Save $60

The LinkedIn Lab

Over 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source & hire candidates— is your profile ready? If your profile isn't optimized, you're losing out on the chance to have jobs reach out to you.

Land at the top of recruiters' search results, & build your network with step-by-step instructions in The LinkedIn Lab.

$197 $137

Digital You

For any given job posting, hundreds of applicants flood a recruiter's inbox. If you want to stand out, you need a strong personal brand.

More importantly, you need an online home where you can showcase tangible proof of your unique value, experience, & skills. It's where you'll prove you're not "just another resume" & someone people not only want but need.

$117 $81

Critical Problem-Solving 101

Have you ever been so frustrated at work because problems keep popping up and there just doesn’t seem to be an end in sight? Us too. That's where critical thinking and problem-solving skills come in.

Learn our tested 5-step problem-solving process and become equipped with our CC-approved diagrams that will actually help you solve problems and keep them away in the long-term. 

$57 $39

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Critical Problem-Solving
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The Career Transition Road Map

We break down common career transition problems into easy-to-follow, actionable steps that will help you make a seamless transition into the career you want.  

Learn how to build an action-based, implementable plan to make the transition that suits your needs. 

$117 $81

The Job Search Academy

Looking for a new job doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, it can actually be one of the most rewarding things you do.We're going to help you be strategic & put you in control of the process so you don't have to rely on crossed fingers & settle for a job you know isn't right.  

Imagine having a plan to land a job at a company that's a guaranteed perfect fit for you. Do we sound nuts? Not exactly. We're just savvy, & after this course, you will be too. Get it.

$197 $137

Interpersonal Communication 101

The most lucrative skillsets for today’s employees and tomorrow’s leaders are already inside you. We'll teach you how to realize them.

Learn the 12 crucial Interpersonal Communication Skills that every person needs to succeed and excel at work.

$57 $39

Remote Control

Remote work and virtual collaboration are here to stay. Are you ready to make the shift work for your career, your team, and for your organization?

In this course, none of us are starting completely from scratch, but we can all improve. 

Learn what it takes to excel at virtual collaboration by enrolling in Remote Control.

$197 $137

The Confidence Crunch

Confidence is the key to success in your professional life and your personal life. Why? Confidence feeds into happiness, creativity, ambition, job performance, and upward mobility. 

What’s more? Confidence is proven to be infectious. By bringing your confidence into the workplace, you’ll be effortlessly spreading all of the above.

Strengthen your confidence muscle in 21 days with The Confidence Crunch.

$57 $39

Ace The Interview

As women, we face unique interview challenges like fighting unconscious bias, negotiating to close the salary gap, & asking for the flexibility and benefits we need.  

This course will help you quickly prepare to ace any interview, ask the right questions that help identify company fit, & succeed in negotiating your worth.--

$117 $81

Becoming Pitch Perfect

Maybe you know a killer elevator pitch is essential, but yours takes forever to get through, changes every time, or makes you sound like a robot.

This course will will walk you through how to create a perfect elevator pitch step-by-step. From figuring out what your strengths are, to composing pitches, to learning how to practice.

$117 $81

Critique Crash Course

Did you know that you're 6x more likely to be engaged at work if you're receiving feedback on a regular basis?  

Learn how to master the art of giving and receiving feedback so you can increase productivity, improve performance, enhance employee engagement, and respond to feedback in a way that helps you maximize its value.

$117 $81

Building Efficient Meetings

Learn how to run meetings that people (actually) want to go to.

Learn how to make meetings that matter—utilizing your time in the most productive manner so you don’t find yourself starting your workday at 4 pm after a full day of pointless meetings. 

$57 $39

The New Manager Manual

Take ownership over your first 90 days as a manager—and build a strong foundation to help you lead a successful and engaged team. 

After taking this course, you’ll be walking away with physical evidence that you're ready to lead your new team.

$117 $81

Productivity Powerhouse

Why do you look for tips, tricks, & ideas to hack your life? Why is improving your productivity so important to you? Because owning your time is the only way to be in control of your life, career, and much more.  

Simplify the arduous tasks of getting your responsibilities, goals, & mindset aligned with a personalized plan just for you. 

$117 $81